Alexander Fattoruso    
    PA 070 (1995)    

Lado A
1 - Turning back 4:22
2 - Can't love be inconditional? 4:18
3 - Lindas y Feas 3:59
4 - Unhurried 5:00
5 - Voters' Revolt! 5:36

Lado A
1 - Mr. Muscles Goes Shopping 5:56
2 - Dos De A Uno 4:31
3 - Where You Won't Look 3:17
4 - Los Aires Floreados de Martínez 4:07
5 - At What Price Progress? 4:57


All songs composed by Alexander Fattoruso.

Ficha Técnica

This album, with the exception of Los Aires Floreados de Martínez and Dos De A Uno, was recorded entirely at home between March 1991 and December 1993, using a Tascam 488 multitrack, a cheap microphone, and various other borrowed implements. I am indebted to all those whose equipment found its way onto this album in one way or another. Thanks!
Dos De A Uno was recorded on a Fostex 4-track at my father's house in 1987. Los Aires Floreados de Martínez fue grabado en el estudio «La Batuta» el 20 de Noviembre de 1992.
El ingeniero de grabación fue el impecable Daniel «El Reproductor» Báez.
Produced and arranged by Alexander Fattoruso.
Executive production by Gerardo Michelin & Ángel Atienza.

A1 - Turning Back
Businessmen can you tell me what's wrong here? / Cause everyday I grow older, / the lonely grow farther apart, / Yesterday I could tell you the reasons, but today my past eludes me, / and a shadow clouds over my heart, / You said we would grow (closer), / you said we would learn (hopeful), / But as I watch we're turning back (distrustful), / turning back (more frightful), / Turning back (intolerant). / Party girl can you conjure the seasons? `Cause every night you grow bolder the fabric of love tears apart. / Congressman have you voted your conscience? While this starving mass grows larger, / your feelings for us fall apart. / You said we would grow (closer), you said we would learn (hopeful), / But as you laugh we're turning back (distrustful) / turning back (more frightful), / Turning back (intolerant). / Twenty years have passed, and we'll remember when the Big Court kept turning back, turning back,
A.F.: Drum programming, bass, guitar, keys, vocals.

A2 - Can't Love Be Unconditional?
She called me by my first name, / I tried so hard to guess what she was called, / I wanted not to notice, / but she carried a contract in her hand, / Can't love be unconditional?, / you ask me, «Can't love be unconditional?» / I ask you, «Can't love be unconditional?» / I don't know... / The army called my number, / they wanted me to go and serve my flag, / I wanted to explain it, / you needn't murder others to prove yourself, / Notice that this cold war has left us without a choice, / Go battling far away ignoring the woes at home, / Tell me I'm not alone, / tell me you feel the same, / Couldn't we just agree to surround ourselves in honesty? / The bishop touched my forehead, / we chanted faith in Latin and saved our souls, / I asked for proof of purchase, / but I must take for granted what I can't see,
A.F.: Drum programming, bass, guitar, vocals.

A3 - Lindas y Feas
Mujeres lindas, mujeres feas, / de las que no te dan Ia hora, / La que saludan, las que te odian, / las que ni te dan un beso, / Inglesas, Francesas, Argentinas, Uruguayas, Americanas / Las que te miman o apuñalan, cuando menos lo esperabas, / Las que te mienten, las que te quieren, siempre con la misma cara, / Vienen bien, vienen mal, en el parque, en la plaza, en la terraza / Mujeres lindas, mujeres feas... / Las que te aburren o te sorprenden, siempre con Ia misma idea, / Las que se ríen, las que se animan, a mostrarte sus riquezas, / Las de aquí, las de allá, clandestinas, invitadas, acariciadas / Mujeres lindas, mujeres feas...
A.F.: Prog. batería, bajo, guit., voz.

A4 - Unhurried
Some days more than others, / your face comes back to me again, / And it asks, «Do you remember me?» / Many days I've wondered, how'd we let this time go by? / Let me ask you, «How do you feel?» / I'll await your answer. / Sing me your secret song, show me your favourite walk, / I'll show you I can complete you we're not alone, / Count on me. / One day showed me something, we stood upon the bridge and held, / And underneath, our troubles floated by, away downstream they wandered. / Smile the smile of Autumn, dance the dance of Spring and say, / «Whether now or fifty years from now, / I'll remain forever.» / Make me a peaceful home, answer me without words, / I know it's only a moment of time gone by, wait and see. / Winters will come and go, voices will travel far, / But no matter where we are physically standing now, / always know: Kindness is the answer...
A.F.: Drum programming, bass, guitar, keys, vocals.

A5 - Voters' Revolt!
I dream of dying elevators, I dream of saddened / escalators, / I dream of a crumbling infrastructure, / all prey to the mega-corporate vultures, / You say you need the mass production, / you say your children need instruction, / You say your job is well-protected, / don't look now but the Garden's quite infested, / We've said we're tired of waiting for the changes they've promised, / What's our last resort? / Vote them out! join in the voters' revolt, / Smoke them out! Don't let them hold you in choke, / Bring about changes for everyone / and not just those on the top. / You say your money's well-invested, / years worth of hard work well-protected, / I think your savings go to cover all-night fun for the Senator and his lover, / How come our taxes keep increasing, and yet the benefit's decreasing? / Where is the famous balanced budget, / can't they see they're up to here in bullshit? / Can it be true that the man we all elected ran away from the values we respected? / Turned all our dreams and simple aspirations into a boat and house? / Years pass and we see the same tired faces posing in front of the cameras, / What s our only resort? / What about all the lies of Iran-contra, / Fawn Hall's big smile and Casey's campaign launcher? / What of the taxes they said would be suspended, / and of the Kurds whose lives would be defended? / Roe V. Wade doesn't need to be amended, Brown v. Board they would like to see rear-ended, / Voting for toys they would like to keep us quiet, / think of the noise we could raise if we just tried it, / Vote with your mind not with the toys.
A.F.: Drum programming, bass, guitar, keys, vocals. Note: We don't need term limitations; we've already got them. Vote with your mind, not with the toys!

B1 - Mr. Muscles Goes Shopping
You victim, you racist, you room with a view, / you tell the trusting ladies what you claiming be true, / You Karl Marx, you fatal, you wish you was Hegel, / you misfit, you boneflute, you tunafish bagel. / You forest afire, you bird in a cage, / you sewer abandon and burning with rage, / You morse code, you fig leaf, you choking delight, / you one day, you never, you pray for the light. / You soap scum, you nose bleed, you stupid as pig feed, / you walrus, you hound dog, you cretin, / you bullfrog, You soap scum, you nose bleed, you stupid as pig feed. / Adventure, deception, the morals you choose, / from John Paul to Strangelove, you could never lose, / You drive by, you shooting, you neighbourhood kite, / you muscles, you shopping, you losing the fight. / You soap scum, you nose bleed, you stupid as pig feed, / you walrus, you hound dog, you cretin, you bullfrog, / You soap scum, you nose bleed, / you stupid as pig feed, Scented!
Alec Julien: Guitars, backup vocals, tunafish research. Incidental vocals by Eskimos and Pigmies (unknown source). A.F.: Drum programming, bass, organ, vocals, sourdough development.

B2 - Dos De A Uno
Cada paso que pasa, / cada voz que resuena en un corredor, / Todas las ilusiones / que se enfocan y desaparecen, / en las Iluvias de otoño, / Admiten y son testigos / de la soledad de un individuo, / sensitivo a las olas del cambio. / Cara a cara muchacha, / interpreta este mundo a tu alrededor, / Confiándote en las olas / que se asombran y reaparecen mientras pasan los años, / Deja que se vayan lejos los celos, / la dualidad, y los abismos, / que vienen separándote de ti misma...
A.F.: Programación de batería, teclas, voz. Nota: Esta canción, fue grabada en Febrero de 1987, en la casa de mi padre. Aparece en este disco gracias a que el guardo la version original, la cual no se ha retocado para este disco.

B3 - Where You Won't Look
Suppose you were alone, suppose it were in vain, / You scorned that trampled trail, you thought you wouldn't fail, / Where'd your joy remain? Was it on that Long Island train, eastbound fast, that leaves behind the past? / -Or is it there, where you won't look? / I've seen that look before, I've felt that hunger's pang, / Not that long ago, when you and I were close, so close, / Seasons bring this change, and you can see it in the rains off Southport, / Or is it just light off the sand, where you won't look?
AF: Guitars, bass, vocals.

B4 - Los Aires Floreados de Martínez
Quedaron como congeladas en el mármol que fue tu mirada, / aquellas lágrimas que mecen mis atardeceres, / Duras heladas rozaron mi pasado, / y ahora, mientras duermo, / sueño en lo difícil que era entender todo que pasó. / Y mismo ahora, cuando vi tanto y descarté tanto más, / pienso que era fácil entonces / respirar los aires floreados de Martínez. Los aires floreados de Martínez (el puerto Olivos), Los aires floreados de Martínez (catedra! San Isidro), / Los aires floreados de Martínez (tarde en Acassuso) / Los aires floreados de Martínez (espigon Pacheco)... Osvaldo Fattoruso: Batería. coro Mariana Ingold: Teclas, coro; Hugo Fattoruso: Acordeón, Carlos Quintana: Guitarra solista, A.F.: Voz, bajo, guitarra, coro.

B5 - At What Price Progress?
It's not like anything, i have felt in a dream, / you were mine, or so It seemed, / Cause for joy this memory. / Turn around, stop and see, / barren fields, sans joie de vivre. / Could it be that they're still here, / remnants of our industry? / If you could just tell me how my love is deciferable / I could let you have the key, / If you'd just let go, and let your instincts show, / I could see how you and I could try / to defy industry, could in the face of passivity. / Take my hand, look away, drift towards dusk, / Escape the bay where you're safe among debris, / Where your life was industry Where your life found me
AF.: Drum programming, bass,guitar, keys, vocals.

Special Thanks To/Gracias A:
Gretchen, Hugo, Charlotte, Juan Mila, Osvaldo, Jude Olson, Jim,Gubiotti, Alec and Eddie Julien, David and Wendu, Marika, La Nano, Christian, Francisco, and Luanda, Jaime, Los Pusilánimes, Ángel, Alfonso, Pato, John Lennon and The Beatles, Allan Holdsworth, Bituca, Andrew Partridge, Mariana, Collin Moulding, Dave Gregory, Peter Gabriel, Geddy Lee, Kim Farmer, Neil Peart, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Scofield, Dennis Chambers, Club 5:01, Betty, Pablo and Karen, Karl Anderson, Alex Lifeson, Carol Kerner, Carol Moore, Rush Welter, The MacQuarrie Clan, Avraam Koen, Northern Telecom, Hogan's Hideaway, Marketing Services at NT NAS, Rusty, Josephine, and Hayden Jacobsmeyer, Doug Sprei, Bruce and Jamie at House of Guitars, Evan Sornstein, Leo Masliah, Randall Neale, Lou Calabro, Tony and Adam Widoff, Russ and Peggy Van Alstyne, Quique “Fotos”, The Blue Benn, Roy Szelewski, Mateo, Rada, Bryn Karlberg, The folks at Perro Andaluz, George Valiente, Freddy Gonzalez Pena, Bill Dobrow, Victor L. Wooten, Brian Orner, Mark Pennington, Andy and Patrick Sherman, Peter Nabut, Pedro Aznar, Jim Rotondi, Stefan and Andreas Erhardt, Susan, Chuck, and Eli Schaller, Eliot and Basa Harriss, Ben and Jerry's, Gary Gazaway, La Pasiva, Rein Brucker and the rest of Justice, Jeremy Harlos, The Old Toad, Steve Martin, Dragon Palace, Tony Wilson, Aladdin's, John Cleese and Monty Python, Dave Hyland and the Voice Services Group, Louis Lapham and Harper's, H&H Bagels, Liliana Grinfeld, Jose Pedro Beledo, Charles Quintana, Ringo Thielmann, Mario Cuomo, Colonel Bruce Hampton and the entire Aquarium Rescue Unit, Marcelo "Taquini" Nunez".

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